I am an Edinburgh based designer, artist and maker.  Originally from Stockholm and a childhood full of art and creativity, I moved to London in 2006 to complement my aspirations to become a designer with Business Studies. With my love for numbers and curious nature, life took me on an unexpected journey via golf caddying, investment banking, chartered accountancy and Australia. Eventually I decided to return to where I belong - in the creative world. I am a 2020 graduate at Edinburgh College of Art with a Master of Fine Art in Performance Costume.
My family's art inspired my passion for pattern and colour. The little scientist in me has over time translated into a love for sculptural costume and to experiment with unconventional materials. Although I have worked with materials such as silicone and resin I prefer working with natural materials, both for their beauty and the environmental aspects. It is often difficult as a costume maker to consider environmental issues whilst realising a design, but I hope that this is where we are heading; towards environmentally conscious art.